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The $65 pricing is real & not a promotional gimmick. This is a great price for pay as you go service. It's our job to give you excellent work and customer service to keep your business. A 21 day spray schedule gives very good control & what most people do. This price applies to most any house under 1 acre. This is not a promotion where you need to worry about long term pricing. We know your time is valuable. Our powerful mister blowers & trained technicians can do a great job quickly for most all properties under 1 acre. We guarantee this $65 price & will retreat the yard within 48 hours if you do not have results.

For which yards does $65 long term pricing not apply? * VERY FEW- Clients will find they do not get satisfactory results from our service, we may need to re-estimate these yards. Even for these yards its best way to take advantage of our $65 spray & we will come out again if it does not get the needed results. At this point, we will make a list of what you need to do to keep your price at $65.

Properties that have: Lots of English Ivy, Gutters with Standing Water, or Stagnant Ponds/water may need to be re-estimated. In reality the best way in not to spray more chemical & charge more than $65, It is to get rid of the problem areas and spray responsibly. We spray our pyrethroids safely. With problem areas are solved, less pyrethroids are used & the results are better.

We can also provide Fire Ant control & perimeter sprays around the outside foundation of the house to kill most all types of insects before enter your home. Add perimeter house sprays for $35 when done with the $65 mosquito spray. Add spot Fire Ant mound treatment for $20 when done with the $65 service.

Some clients wants to meet our technician and talk to decide if MojitoMosquito is for you. We would love to meet you and arrange a time. Thank You, MojitoMosquito


On Call Spray Service

Request your quote.   If you are in our service area, we will do our best to provide service within 24 hours.

Regular Spray - 21 days

We recommend services every 3 weeks from March to October.

No Contracts.

Special Events

If you are having a party. MojitoMosquito can get you a 1 time spray if your not on a regular schedule, we can drop off Mini-Citronella Candles $2.5/each (min 6 & max 10)